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Steve Earle: A Fearless Heart Survives

Making better music than ever, an Americana legend finds his way past the darkness while paying homage to those who influenced him most. Yes, Steve Earle‘s early life does read […]

Alejandro Escovedo’s Life Of Crossings

Alejandro Escovedo’s trailblazing life has always been one of movement, of challenges, of beating the odds. All amidst a scintillating tapestry of brilliant and memorable music.

I Think Hank Woulda Liked It This Way

Some of folk’s most versatile players band together again for a 22nd memorable tribute to an American legend.   For a guy who only lived to the age of 29 […]

Live At The Fillmore: Integrate Not Infiltrate

What many call the definitive Allman Brothers tribute band is led by a gifted musician and longtime fan who believes authenticity is what fans want most.    When Lou Maresca […]

The Loving Return of Edie and the Newbos

One of the late 80’s best bands uses respect and camraderie to pick up where they left off.   When it comes to talking to two longtime New Bohemians at […]

Ottmar Liebert’s Flamenco Revolution

A true master of his craft brings his own unique sound to a traditional musical genre.   When you hear the name Ottmar Liebert, some people who don’t know any […]

Living On Music

Turn Up the Volume

My mother always used to tell me that she would dance around the living room to The Beatles when I was bouncing around in her womb, thus beginning my innate […]